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Very Rare


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The Hovawart is considered a rare breed, with roughly only 100 across the whole US, and though they originated in Germany the Hovawart is not much more common in Europe. The Hovawart is a German bred dog that originated about 100 years ago as  a working farm dog. It was expected that the dog would guard the home and livestock, and be a great family companion. They are believed to have been bred from The Newfoundland, German Shepherd, Kuvasz, and Leonberger. Other breeds may have contributed as well. The first written references to Hovawarts date to the 1200's and in the 1400's they were described as dogs that tracked robbers. Most commonly the Hovawart is used in Schutzhund sport, Search and Rescue and family companions. They are excellent tracking dogs and some believe the most outstanding Search and Rescue dogs

Many great breed descriptions are written about the Hovawart, but this is a dog that has a definite place in an American home. If you want a protective companion that d

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