Snickers, Darling Male Pekapoo

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Snickers, Darling Male Pekapoo


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The Pekingese and Poodle combination make lovely Pekapoos. The average size is 10-12 pounds and 9-10 inches at the shoulders. They are mild-tempered, affectionate, smart, and outgoing. They also make good watch dogs and are moderately easy to train. If they are raised with children and other pets, they do well and will make lovely and affectionate family pets. Their energy level is low to medium, and they love to cuddle. They have a low to no shedding coat that can vary in texture, but it is usually full, soft and wavy. They need to be brushed regularly and groomed periodically. Because of their pudgier faces and more compressed sinus cavities, the Pekapoo needs to live in an air conditioned and heated home. A Lhasa Poo is a Lhasa Apso - Poodle mix. They are generally 14 pounds and 10-12 inches at the withers, but bred with a toy poodle, they can be much smaller. A healthy Lhasa Poo can live quite a long life, perhaps into their twenties. The Lhasa Poo is a happy, fun-loving, and playf

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