Slippers, Sweet Female Schnoodle

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Slippers, Sweet Female Schnoodle


About Me

Schnoodles are a mix of the Schnauzer and Poodle and come in a variety of sizes, from toy to standard to giants. They are even-tempered creatures and very social when introduced to a variety of social situations early in life. They will bark to alert their owners of a stranger but are not nuisance barkers. Schnoodles make excellent therapy dogs and do extremely well in agility and obedience competitions. Their intelligence needs challenged, and puppy and obedience classes are highly recommended. It is important that you let your Schnoodle know that you are the leader of the pack when they are young. Their coats are typically soft, wavy, and fine to thick. They are non-shedding; therefore, they need to be brushed regularly and groomed every 10-12 weeks... ABOUT US We got our first poodle 12 years ago when my children wanted a dog and was looking for one that didn't affect their allergies. We had so much fun with the pup that we considered hiring a stud and having a litter of our own; o

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