Pretty Girl, Friendly Female Pompoo

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Pretty Girl, Friendly Female Pompoo

Poma-Poo - Pomapoo

About Me

Pomapoos: The average size of a pomapoo is 3-12 pounds and 8-11 inches at the shoulders. They are a great companion dog and adore being pampered and petted but also love to be playful. They are active, intelligent, charming and independent, yet still cannot resist the attention of their owner. They are faithful, alert, confident, and good watch dogs. They are good with kids and other pets if raised with them from puppy-hood, and they thrive in a busy family atmosphere. They are a small dog with a fox-like appearance. Their tail curls over their back. They are a very clean dog and have been described as "catlike." Their low shedding coat can vary from soft waves to looking like a walking powder-puff of dense coat, which needs regular brushing to prevent mats… ABOUT US We got our first poodle 10 years ago when my children wanted a dog and was looking for one that didn't affect their allergies. We had so much fun with the pup that we considered hiring a stud

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