Oscar, Apricot Standard Labradoodle

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Oscar, Apricot Standard Labradoodle


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 Labradoodles are among the standard sized Designer dogs.  They are a mix between the Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, usually a Standard Poodle. As common when breeding a smooth-coated dog to a long-haired dog, first generation Labradoodles' coats are more likely to shed. First generation Labradoodles typically have wiry coats as well. Breeding a Labradoodle back to a poodle usually produces the desired non-shedding that is more curly. Labradoodles have been intentionally bred since the 1980’s and are known to be intelligent dogs that are easily trained as guide, therapy, and assistance dogs for disabled and handicapped people. Though these dogs are considered gentle and safe with children, due to their larger size, they could be a bit overwhelming for a toddler or small child. The Labradoodles love water and are playful and energetic creatures that supply loads of family fun... TRUTH ABOUT BOYS AND GIRLS: There's a little known secret that us breeders hold. Generally speaking, boys a

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