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American Pit Bull Terrier

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Old Timey American Pitbull Terriers

The dog of yesteryear is alive and well today.The same dog that immigrants from Britain & Ireland brought with them to the frontiers of our nation are ready to join your family on the frontiers of the 21st Century.This dog was most often a working family companion with a great range of size, color & body type well suited for a range of tasks & enjoyed working with people & being a family member.Extended families worked together developing the different strains & lines that became the dogs this country fell in love with long ago, only families can restore them to their proper place in the American household.

I do not kennel or chain my dogs, they are family & live indoors often sleeping in our beds. I do not hack my dogs ears off or breed for color or looks. I do not care about "Head & Chest" or Weights only balance & working ability, so I do not measure these things. These dogs have a natural abundance of colors & body types & that diversity is

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