Muffin is a lovely little girl

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Muffin is a lovely little girl


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The average size of this breed is 10-15 pounds and 10-12 inches at the shoulders.  They live on an average from 12-15 years. These little ones are friendly, loyal,  and intelligent.  They are good with kids and other pets. They are well-suited for apartment life and fare well without a yard. They  Their coats can be thick or thin, and wavy to curly. Regular brushing and grooming are needed.  TRUTH ABOUT BOYS AND GIRLS: There's a little known secret that us breeders hold. Generally speaking, boys are easier going, not as hyper, and more eager to please. They are not as stubborn and tend to like all people rather than acclimate to just one. Most people don’t realize that girls can be territorial, are often more aggressive, and more protective than a male. A female can also mark her territory and be the Alpha dog. Something to think about… ABOUT US: We got our first poodle 10 years ago when my children wanted a dog and was looking for one that didn't affect their allergies. We had so much

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