Bernese Mountain Goldens

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Bernese Mountain Goldens

Bernese Mountain Dog

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New Bernese Mountain Goldens  $1200.00

Have you ever met a Bernese Mt. Dog? If you have spent any time at all with this dog breed you will be in love, regardless if you are "not a big dog person". The reasons are compelling. These dogs are wonderful to live with. They are gentle, good natured, placid and very loving and affectionate to their people.

Besides their obvious beauty, their temperament is their strongest characteristic. Bernese Mt. dogs are completely sweet and calm with children, they will watch you to make darn sure they are not doing anything, however slight, that you might not like.

They will not dream of getting into your garbage, jumping up on anyone, digging your yard up or taking off with your shoes typical of other large breed dogs. They don't shed much at all, they don't bark unless it is prudent to do so, and they even smell good all the time.

Bernese Mt. dogs are friendly to other animals, dogs, c

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